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About Us

Gron Stockholm is a consortium of European Brands for kids with the USP of Organic cotton wear. We are an awarded retail chain of stores having 3 high end stores in India, where we are selling European clothing brands for babies & children. All our stores are located in very high end shopping malls and high street where you can also see some other elite famous European
brands. All our stores are multi brand stores where we are selling different European brands.

Currently, we have 3 high end multi brand stores for babies & kids clothing in Gurgaon, Ghaziabad & AGRA and in future our plan is to open up more than 25 stores in Indian metro cities like MUMBAI, CHENNAI, PUNE, JAIPUR etc.

We are planning to open up more stores of ours at high end places in metros. We aim to open stores of bigger sizes as customers like to see more variety.

We have entered into system of opening up “shop in shop” concept with big departmental stores & we are in talks with others also.

Our plan is to enlarge the wholesale network all over India & establish a nice market for the brands we collaborate with. We very well understand that the growth of the brands working with us is parallel to the strengthening of our company. That’s why we are quite focused on accomplishing all the future plans in a well-planned manner with the assistance of experienced & expert retail professionals working with us.

Gron Stockholm offers clients the cutting-edge in kid’s fashion that too with a truly international shopping experience bringing together the vibrant & trendy collections from various international brands. Each store of Gron Stockholm brings multiple renowned & well-known kids wear brands from various countries like Holland, Belgium, Sweden, United Kingdom, Denmark etc. We have exclusive collection from Turkey also offering premium designs in latest fashion and comfortable and trendy fabrics.