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Social Responsibility

Sustainable Sourcing : Gron Stockholm believes to work in a supply chain that follows ethical & environmental principles. That is why most of the brands that we sell in our stores are manufactured in our own factory “Kishor Exports” – manufacturer of garments since 1979 (certified by GOTS, FAIR-TRADE, OEKO-TEX & SA-8000). Very much focused on ethical/sustainable production.


Sustainable packaging: We have a real commitment towards sustainability& we use the packaging which reduces the environmental impact & ecological footprint. The carry bags used by Gron Stockholm are made up of paper which is easily recyclable & does not harm the environment.


Social Support: Gron Stockholm supports the society by providing funds or making donations to the mentally handicapped children to make them feel that they are cared, have a supportive social network. Some brands sold in our stores directly donate to the “TEARS”- an institute for mentally handicapped children.


Safety: The safety of our employees at workplace is very imperative for us. We always keep on working to make sure that no fatal or accidents occur at the stores or other workplaces.


Water Efficient: We constantly intent to reduce the wastage of water & instruct our employees also to minimize the use of water & reduce the excess consumption. The factory where our garments are produced is also committed towards water conservation & exercise the process of water harvesting.


Energy Efficient: We always strive to eliminate the wastage of energy. Our obligation involves efforts to minimize resource &energy use during our working hours. Our teams practice to reduce the hours that lights are turned on each day. Our manufacturing partner also follow us & have a solar energy plant that makes no noise pollution or air pollution.